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PrintHand is a one-stop solution for mobile printing, currently available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms. You can print directly from mobile phones and tablets via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable to virtually any printer available on the market. Legacy printers can be connected to via our free computer software. You can print photos, office documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF files, e-mails and attachments, web pages, contacts, content from other apps and more. No matter what printer you have, what connection it supports and where it is located, you'll be able to print today. Learn more

Worldwide one-time payment - $10.99
India one-time payment - ₹549.00

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With PrinterShare you can print from one device to another over the Internet or local network. It supports Mac and PC computers as well as many mobile devices including Google Android and Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod. PrinterShare guarantees delivery of a print job even when the target printer is currently unavailable. No attachments, documents or files are sent. PrinterShare transmits encrypted print jobs to the computer connected to the physical printer. There are ways to print directly without a computer too. Learn more. Learn more

Worldwide one-time payment - $5.49
India one-time payment - ₹359.00

Annual subscription worldwide - $2.99
Annual subscription for India - ₹199.00

About Us

Sri Soft Technologies is representing the interests of Dynamix Software in India

Welcome to Sri Soft Technologies, a Dynamixsoftware Partner in India. We are your gateway to the future of Printing Solutions and App Distribution. Sri Soft Technologies lab facilities allow development, testing, and integration of our custom solutions under real-world scenarios, prior to deployment. The state-of-the-art labs at SST combine technological and process expertise with access to an advanced digital broadband infrastructure. This infrastructure includes the latest hardware and tools required for testing across multiple environments. And our commitment to excellence ensures that our validation and testing services adhere to the highest quality standards.

In many cases, SST will work with a customer to establish a dedicated environment and test team to augment internal labs. A dedicated SST testing team can pre-test solutions, speeding final testing and deployment while allowing valuable customer resources to be strategically focused. Test automation projects are often developed as SST identifies test cases that can be automated to further streamline the testing process. Faster time to market and reduced testing costs mean more revenue!

Our teams provide extensive technical support for deploying and maintaining multi-platform interactive systems. This includes support for specific platforms including Customer Support, Resolving Issues, and monitoring, as well as support for custom apps and solutions we deliver.

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